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First of all, Haaaaappy 2015, folks!

    Last year I tried to be more active, tried to keep up a study per day, but then I slowed down... nearly stopped at the end. But that was last year hoho

    I started a blog with the legendary Skailla, where we are going to update every single day with at least a doodle! The first one to fail will receive severe punishment... (that's actually quite estimulating)
ANYWAY, follow a Whole Wonderful Year Of Us on:

    Oh, that reminds me that this isn't our only project... We actually have a handful of blogs that didn't quite met the sunlight yet :'D

    SO, let me present to you our WONDERFUL attractions!

    Quite some time ago, myself and Skailla started doing these little cartoons, started as kind of a joke but quickly it got out of control and now we've created the wonderful Cartoonzinhos ! Where we'll post our epic cartoon war, full of blood, gore and scarier things, like, puns and bad jokes


    Still in the realm of art, we have the magnificent PrittyPls, where we share pritty art and awesome artists that we find around teh internetz (feel free to share the art you found.. or did!)


(we are still working on the layout, for some reason Skailla hates these cuties)

    Still on the pritty side of... things, we've just created the marvelous EartSelfies! Where we'll share pritty photos of our gorgeous planet we took or found around teh internetz (feel free to share photos you found... or took!)


(layout also under construction :c)

    And the last but not least, we have the unbelieveable BurningLlamas! Where we'll post and reblog things that pleases our fucked up sense of humor.... that's pretty much it. SO, TAKE A LOOK AND


    Soooo, that's it! Feel free to critique and to leave suggestions, we're open to ideas and suggestions! :'D

Also, don't forget to follow Skailla on  and !
And myself, why not c:  and !

We hope you like it, have a nice year! :DD